Our driven earth anchors are versatile erosion control and slope repair products.  The anchors are driven into the ground and no hole is dug thus no disturbance or displacement of soil occur during installation.  No special equipment/tool is required for installation work.

Sometimes referred to as "hybrid anchors" the anchors are suitable for use in almost all kinds of soils and applications.  Each anchor is proof-loaded and provides instant tie-back to slopes and retaining structures.

Installation comprises of three simple steps:  drive, remove and lock.

The "Unfair Advantage"

Stingray/Manta Ray anchors offer many significant advantages:
Fast, easy installation
Immediate proof test results
No soil disturbance
No grout
Superior holding capacity
Installs where others won't
Inexpensive installation equipment
Anchors for wide range of soils and applications
Environmentally friendly

After driving to the desired depth the driving steel is removed from the anchor and proof-loaded and ready for use.

Stingray and Manta Ray
Anchors for engineering applications to counter erosion and improve retaining support.  Please refer to applications.

Duckbill anchors are used worldwide to secure portable/movable items and tree support.  Please refer to applications.


A wide range of STANLEY hydraulic tools are available for varied applications.  Our hydraulic tools are small packing tools that can deliver a big punch.

Advantages of STANLEY Hydraulic handheld tools
Portable, lightweight and mobile - A relatively small tool can do a big job.
Durability and maintenance - self-lubricating thus low maintenance and durable.
Low noise.
Increased power and productivity - transfer more energy and power than similar tools of other systems.
Cold and wet conditions - can be operated in sub-zero temperature and underwater.
Enclosed spaces - small machines require small space and produce little exhaust.
Cost effective, environment friendly - more efficient thus saving time and money.


RB Erosion Mat is a weather resistant 3-dimensional netting used for erosion control specially developed to reinforce natural turf to resist potential erosion.  The erosion mat is made from polyethylene and works to retard flow of surface run-off on slopes.  It is effective in preventing direct impact of rain drops on to the soil surface thus preventing top soil from being washed away.   


Driven Earth Anchor System

Stingray - Stingray anchors have ultimate capacities up to 50 tons

Manta Ray - Manta Ray anchors have ultimate capacities up to 20 tons.

Duckbill -

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